Sacred Heart of Jesus  Catholic Church


1.  Sacred Heart Parishioners have the responsibility for the
maintenance and upkeep of the Parish Hall.  It is fitting that
only Sacred Heart Parishioners, their immediate family residing in their home, will be
to rent the Hall.  The exception being, other family members,
not residing in parishioner’s home, will be also permitted
to rent the Hall, after getting approval from the Parish Council.  Use will be restricted to more than 250 guests per activity.  Alcoholic beverages will be permitted in the Hall with proof of Homeowner’s Insurance Policy in the amount of $500,000.00.  This is required by the Diocese of Belleville.

person considered to be in good standing with
Sacred Heart Church, Dupo, Illinois.  A
census form must be on file and they must be a REGULAR CONTRIBUTOR, both SPIRITUALLY AND FINANCIALLY to the well being of Sacred Heart.

3.  The principle use of the Parish Hall should be for Parish activities. Use of the Hall by
small groups, such as Girl Scouts, Boy Scouts, will be considered, but must be approved by the Parish Council.  Proper liability insurance coverage will be required.

Fees for Parishioners rental of the Hall will be $150.00 plus $250.00 for afternoon, 12pm to 5pm and $250.00 plus $250.00 deposit for 5pm to 12pm.  If party requires the use of the stove, there will be a Stove
usage fee of $25.00
.  These charges are necessary to help defray the cost of the utilities.  A Parish Hall Rental Agreement stating the conditions for rental of the Hall must be signed by the qualified Parishioner (see item 2), and approved by the members of the Parish Council.

5.  Bereavement dinner use of Hall will only be offered to qualified
Parishioners, (see item 2), and then only when the Hall and Volunteer Group is available through the Women’s Club.

In case of emergency, contact:

Kathy Koebbe – (618)286-3329

Rose Jordan – (618)954-8605

Christina Settlemoir – (618)781-9339

Karen LaCroix (618)286-4392

I.D. Cleveland – (618)286-3893

Sherry Godfrey – (618)286-3153

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